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About Personal Information

About Personal Information

Tanaka Iron Works Co., Ltd., announce this business action plan based upon the "Act on Advancement of Measures to Support Raising Next-Generation Children "

Tanaka Iron Works Co., Ltd. Personal Information Protection Policy

Protecting personal information, including our customers', is a not only a corporate principle for Tanaka Iron Works, but also a clear social obligation. We hereby announce for the general knowledge of our executives, employees, and associates the following personal information protection plan.

1. Tanaka Iron Works will strictly adhere to any acts, guidelines, or rules etc., set by the relevant cabinet minister or organization regarding the protection of personal information when handling the information of our executives, employees and associates.

2. Tanaka Iron Works will only gather information for purposes of internal use, and deal with said information appropriately. Furthermore, our company will limit use of personal information to purposes necessary for the achievement of our primary business operations in manufacturing and servicing construction machinery, environmental machines etc.

Goals of Tanaka Iron Works' Personal Information Use

  1. Fulfilling contracts executed between customers and Tanaka Iron Works.
  2. Contacting customers for purposes of negotiation or discussion.
  3. Offering Product After Service
  4. The mailing of advertisements or other materials
  5. General business related to stock(s)
  6. Responding to various inquiries
  7. Marketing analysis based on surveys
  8. For purposes of personnel administration or employment for our employees or associates

3. We will endeavor to keep all personal information gathered within the scope of our purposes current and accurate.
In addition, to further guarantee the safety of personal information, we will supervise all employees and others entrusted with the data, and take reasonable safety measures to prevent various risks (unauthorized access, leaks, loss, destruction, etc.) to said information.

4. Collected personal information may be shared with third parties for purposes such as the smooth operation of our business.
In such cases we will ensure appropriate information management by selecting parties who offer sufficient standards of personal information protection, and ensure that they keep those standards via contracts, etc.

5. We will comply with all directions for release, correction or stopping use of personal information from the individual in question.
In addition, we will quickly and appropriately deal with any complaints or inquiries from said individual.

We have established an internal system for personal information protection and it is under constant review and improvement.

Administrative Responsibility: General Affairs Department

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