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Hot Storage Silos

Asphalt mixture is a "raw" material. It degrades in quality with the passage of time.

We deploy unique technology in our hot storage silos to extend asphalt's effective storage period.

Five benefits of TANAKA's hot storage silos

  1. Longer storage period
  2. Faster shipping
  3. Lower operational costs
  4. Environmental considerations
  5. Expanded supply area

Introducing hot storage silos also helps reduce costs while the plant is in operation.

Satellite silos also offer automated shipping, allowing reductions not only in plant operational costs but also labor costs.

Liquid Seal Gate

The most important part of preventing asphalt from degrading in quality while in storage is the seal on the storage facility.

To increase the effectiveness of this seal, we filled the seal gate with liquid. Liquid seals are extremely effective at preventing air, the prime factor in causing degradation, from entering the tank. Liquid seals also eliminate degradation of functionality due to abrasion.

Skip Control Equipment

Low-burden, smooth acceleration through inverter control.

Skip equipments for winching buckets of material up for storage move more than any other part of the plant, and are subject to severe wear as a result.

By using inverters to control winch operation, Tanaka Iron Works greatly reduces the load placed on winches and wires. This reduced burden alone increases the lifespan of replacement components like winch brakes and wires. It also reduces wheel and rail abrasion and reduces current on startup to keep power consumption down.

Aggregate Transport and Storage Equipment

High-volume aggregate transport and storage equipment.

Store a range of materials for supply to the plant. Transport equipment is not one-size-fits-all. Instead, the most appropriate solutions for each installation space are selected, resulting in aggregate transport and storage solutions that take advantage of each individual plant's unique characteristics.

Corrugated silos are high-volume aggregate storage silos made from corrugated sheet metal piping, a building material offering superior lightness, strength, and cost-effectiveness.

Vertical Belt Conveyors

Unlike standard sloping belt conveyors, these carry materials vertically upward.

This reduces the horizontal space required to an absolute minimum, making it a highly effective approach for small-footprint plants, particularly in urban areas. By covering the entire mechanism, dust and fine particles are also prevented from escaping.

Shuttle Belt Conveyors

In a shuttle conveyor system, a motor moves the conveyor itself within a set range.

This motion changes the effective machine length, making it possible to transport material to a different line (silo).

Shuttle conveyor systems are notable for their ability to sort multiple ways with a limited number of conveyors.

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