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Recycling Plants

Effective use of resources is a key theme for today. The reuse rate of the lumps of asphalt that are produced during road surface construction rises year by year, and today over 90% of surfacing materials are reused. Recycled surfacing materials have unique characteristics that allow them to play a significant role in reducing the cost of materials required for plant operation.

  • "High-speed, high-volume production"
  • "Less maintenance work"
  • "Energy-efficient operation"

These are the three concepts that guide the development of recycling plants at Tanaka Iron Works.

Surge Bins

The recycling dryers required by recycling plants continuously heat and supply recycled aggregate, but asphalt mixing plants are batch-based, with intermittent operation.

As a result, recycling plants are equipped with what are known as "surge bins," where heated recycled aggregate is stored temporarily so that the right amount can be provided to the asphalt mixing plant at the right time.

Recycling plants have a high utilization rate, and large plants centered on recycling have multiple surge bins, creating an environment where recycling dryers can remain in constant operation for mass production.

1 burner type Deodorization Equipment

TAP-2025F, TRM-100 (1 burner type deodorization equipment), ST-120ET×4, ASPUC-FACE Control Panel

Material Silo with Automated Shipping Equipment

Installed in Kanto region, July 2009

The recycling burner doubles as the burner for the deodorizing equipment, realizing significant reductions in running costs. (Single recycling burner control) Additionally, the unique characteristics of the recycling dryer and dryer/mixer specifications were used to full effect, allowing direct transport from the recycling dryer to not just the surge bin but also the material silo. (Multiple skip control) The plant is equipped with two upper trolleys, shortening the time cycle.

Spring Flight

Regularly chipping off material that has adhered to the inside of the recycling dryer is vital to correct use of the equipment, but it is time-consuming and arduous work.
Simply installing TANAKA's Spring Flight solution allows the spring itself to prevent the advance of adhesion and greatly improves the efficiency of removal work.

  • Spring vibrates to brush off material
  • Recycling dryer maintains heat efficiency for longer
  • Reduction in chipping work for recycled material
  • High effectiveness at low cost

Installation is easy and can also be performed in recycling plants made by other companies.

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