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Odor Control

Combustion Deodorization Equipment

Odor agents are broken down by re-combustion in a deodorant burner.

Deodorant burners use heat to break down the exhaust gas from recycling dryers, but this exhaust is heated up in advance using a heat exchanger. This reduces the amount of heat required from the deodorant burner, increasing its efficiency.

The air exchanged for the hot, processed exhaust using heat exchange is also sent to the burner and used effectively in the combustion process

The heat exchanger is vital to increasing the efficiency of the deodorant burner, but we have developed and now sell a simple deodorant burner that does not require a heat exchanger, in order to minimize installation costs.

What Is a Heat Exchanger?

A heat exchanger is a device for efficiently transferring heat from hot matter to cold matter. Reclaiming heat reduces operational costs and saves energy.

Flow of Exhaust Gas

Neutralizing Deodorizers

Safe, Harmless Neutralizing Deodorants

The deodorant used for neutralizing deodorization is safe and harmless. It is a blend of around 30 particularly effective types of deodorant, and capable of addressing seasonal changes in odor strength. Low-cost, compact, and easy to install, this solution has a broad range of applications and is suitable for all fields.

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