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Drying and Heating


Heating Aggregate Efficiently.

To reduce the burden on the environment, dryers are designed both to be more heat-efficient and to eliminate their fuel. Achieving this requires the implementation of many cutting-edge technologies.

One problem suffered by recycling dryers is the recycled material that gradually adheres to their interior during operation.

This reduces dryer effectiveness and increases fuel costs, making regular maintenance a must. At Tanaka Iron Works, we design our dryers for less adhesion of recycled materials, less maintenance time, and maximum effectiveness.


Low-noise burners designed with the environment and functional materials in mind.

Using high static pressure fans instead of low static pressure fans promotes vaporization conditions for the fuel in the combustion area, reducing both fuel requirements and CO2 emissions.

Wider combustion capacity also means additional flexibility for special material production.

In addition, our burners inherit our existing noise reduction technologies.

Our new burners consume much less fuel than existing designs.

This is not only cost-effective, it also contributes to environmental conservation, and is greatly appreciated by many customers.

Specifications (HEL-II)

Model Combustion type Combustion capacity
Ignition method Fuel pump power
Fan wind volume (m3/min)
at 20°C
Fan power
Standard control method Sound Pressure Level
HEL-35ⅡS Diesel
480-96 Electric ignition 3.7 109 7.5 Proportional control
(two control motors)
80 dB
HEL-40ⅡS 600-125 3.7 134 11.0 80 dB
HEL-45ⅡS 900-180 7.5 202 22.0 85 dB
HEL-50ⅡS 1200-240 7.5 268 30.0 85 dB
HEL-60ⅡS 1800-360 7.5 402 37.0 85 dB

*Noise value is estimated assuming dryer installation.

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