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Technical Information

Dust Collection


Initial dust collection is performed using centrifugal force.

Aggregate particles (dust) are mixed with the combustion gases (exhaust gas) released from the dryer, and the cyclone uses centrifugal force (kinetic energy) to collect it.

Bag Filter

Secondary dust collection uses pulse jets to bring down dust.

The bag filter has two chambers, with multiple filter cloths (heat-resistant felt, etc.) attached in the lower. Exhaust gas enters the lower chamber first. Only purified exhaust gas that has passed through the filter cloth enters the upper chamber and is emitted into the atmosphere.

The dust that adheres to the surface of the filter cloth is cleaned off at regular intervals using pulse jets, and then ejected through the rotary feeder.

The cleaning mechanism fires instantaneous bursts of pressurized air from above the filter cloth, and the vibrations of that shock combine with the air rushing back towards the filter cloth to effectively brush off the dust. Collected dust can also be used as a replacement for the rock dust required in material production.

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